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 Quadrupeds: Meika                     

Etymology of a name (things Mom and Dad call me beyond the god-given name I left the SPCA with):

  • Meika-pie / pie hole / pie in the sky
  • Meika-kitty-puss-puss
  • Meika-girl
  • Meikata-cheese

Things I have peed on:

  • the couch Dad's office
  • the tarp they put over the couch in Dad's office to stop me from peeing there (thought you could fool me huh?)
  • the couch in the sitting room
  • the futon in Mom's office
  • under the coffee table (took them a couple of days to find that one)
  • the magazines in the bathroom (took a bladder full to mask those disgusting perfume page samples)
  • the floor in Dad's office (couldn't be bothered to jump up on the couch)
  • Dad's messenger bag (it had been out in the world too much, I had to make sure all cats Dad came in contact with knew he was mine)
  • Dad's pants (I think they'd been going out with the messenger bag)
  • the rug in the living room (it was new and smelt funny - did you know than our pee can bleach the color out of an Ikea rug? Bet they didn't test for that.)
  • the carpet at the top of the stairs (the house was new and I didn't know where I was)
  • in the bath tub (to mask the horrible stench of soap)
  • I'm getting tired of the peeing game and never play after Dad has set up the motion activated webcam to catch us but occasionally I still sometimes find a new place to leave a sample and then see how long it takes Mom and Dad to find it. The game is especially fun if the litter boxes are still clean and empty. Then they shout at each other, not me, and try to work out what they changed to disrupt me. Very funny!


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