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Patti's Flickr Account - Patti's daily pictures

Patti's PhotoBlog: Slutbunwalla

Patti's Poetry: My Blue Muse


Martin's PhotoBlog: The Other Martin Taylor

Martin's Vox Blog - personal blog

Martin's Flickr Account - more of Martin's pictures




Friends and Family:

Of course family and friends are important to Martin & Patti. Those that have a web presence are listed here:

Simon Taylor - Martin's brother and Über geek has a site that includes letters from their 'baby' brother, Richard, from his time working in Uganda

Richard Taylor - Martin's little brother's blog from his world travels.

Susan - our dear friend, and chef

Julian - Martin's friend and fellow ex-pat, Julian, maintains a site with some of the largest pictures to be found anywhere on the web.

Jen Perlman - Jen died on 24th January 2001 after a short fight with cancer. This is her moving memorial created by her husband, Karl.

Fellow book clubber, Liz, and her husband John have a colorful site here.

Naomi Fiss - Naomi takes beautiful photographs. If you need a photographer in the bay area check out her portfolio.

Garry - world traveler

Michelle & Paolo - our friend's homesite - Paolo is a photo-buddy of Martin

Bart - another of Martin's photo-buddies

Friends reunited - Martin did a horrible job of keeping in touch with this friends from school (Ripley St. Thomas C of E School, Lancaster, UK) and college (the now defunct Ripon college, N.Yorks). He's tried blaming moving to US from the UK and establishing a career but that was just an excuse. Friends reunited has let Martin get in touch with a lot of old and missed friends from the old country.


Jonatha Brooke - great singer/songwriter and live performer.

The Frames - Our favorite discovery of 2007 - sorry we were so late to the party.

Luce - Patti & her friend Susan are Luce-nuts

Eddie Izzard - funniest man alive and almost totally ignored by America. Still, this makes getting tickets to his live shows a lot simpler stateside than it is in the UK

Hem - we went to see Beth Orton in concert and Patti fell in love with the open act

James Nachtwey - subject of the Oscar winning documentary, War Photographer

Sebastiao Salgado - a photographer who believes he can change the world

Stephen Fry - Frighteningly smart and witty without being elitist and inaccessible


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