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Dec-'03 - Read our Christmas letter.

Oct-'03 - Not been a great year as far as Patti's health goes. She had to have surgery on her back at the end of last year. Whilst recovering from she tripped and fell busting a ligament in her foot. It looks like she'll be spending the end of this year in a cast. Let's hope for better things in '04.

June-'03 - We decided to abandon Geoshities and get our own domain so welcome to! Since Geocities removed ftp access for all but their premium accounts it has been hard to easily publish changes to our site. Now we're using a real host we hope to be able to keep this site up to date with more timely news and more pictures. It also means that our visitors will not have to endure any ads on our site.

August-'02 - Notice anything new? Little new content on the site, admittedly, but a revised look and much housekeeping.

July-'02 - Martin's Mum & Dad came out to San Francisco for the best part of three weeks. We all went to Portland together for a week staying part of the time at a converted school that had it's own brewery, restaurant, bar and cinema. Heaven must be something like that!

August 2001 - Martin got another year older. He wants to thank everyone involved in surprising him and making his birthday so memorable.

July 2001 - We just got back from a road trip down to San Diego to visit Patti's Uncle Don and family, stopping in at Disneyland on the return trip. A few pictures can be found here.

March 2001 - Diego, our Godson, took his first steps last week a few days before turning 1. Go D'man!

24th January 2001 - Our friend, Jen, died after a short battle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Karl, Jane, Larry, Robert and all that knew and loved Jen.

2nd September 2000 - Many members of our family and friends shared in a wedding celebration held in San Francisco. Some of the many photos taken are now available.

April 2000 - Patti and Martin bought their first house in San Francisco. Friends and family now have their own bedroom and bathroom when they come to visit rather sleeping on the couch.

31st December 1999 - Martin and Patti Taylor are happy to announce that they were Married in San Francisco at a small ceremony conducted by their good friend Warren.


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